About Us

Creative Promotion's core philosophy is to maximize, promote, and protect the value of our client's "good name" and reputation.  We recognize the time and strategic development resources our clients have invested in their brand and image.  We combine our broad marketing and brand development expertise with our promotional product experience and networks to ensure the quality and image projected by our client's promotional products and campaigns meet our client's image and reputation standards.

We are committed to introducing our clients to the newest and most exciting promotional ideas and concepts.  We thrive on serving our clients by fostering creativity and leading their company to invest their image-building resources in ideas and products the client can be proud of, and that create lasting, positive impressions.

Our company's reputation is fundamentally intertwined with the reputation of our clients.  Our bottom line commitment is to never recommend or promote any item, product, or campaign that we would not put our own company logo or name on.  We stake our image directly to our client's image to build client confidence that the client's brand and good name are always our highest priority.

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